Guild Wars 2 gets first major release of 2016, reveals roadmap

There are subscription-based games that don’t take care of their players the way the team behind Guild Wars does.  Even aside from the Heart of Thorns expansion pack (you can read Victor’s review right here), the team has a constant deluge of content, balance, UI, and much more coming to their game, and 2016 doesn’t look like it’s slowing that pace at all.  Today, the team published a “State of the Game Update” blog post where Guild Wars 2 Game Director Colin Johanson outlines in vast detail everything we can expect in the coming year.  Here’s a small nibble from a much-larger update:

The Winter 2016 Update brings new content to players of both the core game, including free players, along with exciting new additions for Heart of Thorns players:

  • Gliding in Central Tyria – players can now use one of the coolest features unlocked through Heart of Thorns’ mastery system in parts of Central Tyria
  • Redesigned Shatterer boss fight – new achievements, upgraded reward chests and the ability to use gliders in battle are just some of the improvements coming to this epic open world boss
  • Lunar New Year – the seasonal event returns on January 26 and runs for two weeks, and is accessible to all Guild Wars 2 players
  • New PvP Mist Champion – Tybalt Leftpaw joins the new Stronghold game mode as an unlockable mist champion
  • Balance Update to Skills and traits, Improvements to Fractals of the Mists, and more

All of that, plus a new raid wing, and Season 3 of Living World?  Knowing the team at, they have even more in store that they aren’t revealing here, so stay tuned for our continued coverage of Guild Wars 2.

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