Guild Wars 2 gears up for Entanglement

Guild Wars 2 gears up for Entanglement

If you are a Guild Wars 2 player, you already know, but Season 2 of Living World has kicked off. The first episode (Gates of Maguuma) was a solid entry, but on July 15th we get the second chapter. Entitled Entanglement, this newest episode will take us through Maguuma Gates and into the Wastes. Check it out:

There are secrets hidden within the newly revealed area of Dry Top, just waiting to be discovered. Continue your adventures in the Maguuma Wastes and take a stand alongside your fellow heroes against an ancient, growing threat.

While the second installment of Season 2 is great news, the Journal feature is something that should get your attention. Here’s a snippet from my E3 preview:

The ArenaNet strategy has always been to release feature packs to add things like the recently integrated megaserver, new traits, and other mechanical changes, reserving the expansion packs to expand the story for the game. Starting in Season 2 and moving forward, the developer will introduce a DVR-like function called “Story Journal”. This mechanic will allow players to experience these seasonal events whenever they’d like, even though they were originally designed as player-driven world events to be played in real time. Additionally, players will be able to replay the season, restarting it to experience it with friends might not have played recently or are just starting out. Best of all, the process is completely automatic – when you log in after Season 2 launches, it’ll automatically download and be stored for whenever you reach level 80.

We’ve got a great trailer to share for the upcoming episode above this piece. Enjoy!

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