Grotesque Tactics 2 Announced

Publisher Meridian4 sends word today that they’ve partnered with the developers at Headup Games to release Grotesque Tactics 2: Dungeons & Donuts through Steam later this fall.  Styled as an affectionate parody of strategy RPGs like the Final Fantasy Tactics and Fire Emblem series, Grotesque Tactics 2 will follow its predecessor’s lead by lampooning some of the clichéd plot devices and character archetypes of the genre.

The story of Grotesque Tactics 2: Dungeons & Donuts begins as the citizens of the Kingdom of Glory celebrate their victory over the Dark Church.  While in the catacombs of their former enemies, their revelry is disturbed by a sudden all-encompassing fog.  Those that remain alive after the strange attack, barricade themselves in the depths of the catacombs.  As time passes, food becomes scarce and the people of the Kingdom of Glory begin to realize that they might all meet their demise.  The ‘heroic’ Knights of Glory, shady mercenaries and the arrogant high elves band together into guilds in order to survive and escape the dank catacombs.   Unfortunately, the guilds are far too concerned with their distaste for each other, thus allowing for an awakening of dark forces in the dungeons below.

The original Grotesque Tactics, developed and published by Silent Dreams, was praised for its simple gameplay and well-designed interface, but engendered a lot of negative reactions at launch due to hypersensitive camera controls and a shoddy translation that effectively ruined the intended humor.  These issues were reportedly fixed by later patches, including a grammatical overhaul of the entire script.  If Headup Games can take those lessons to heart while still delivering on promises of an updated visual style and expanded skill trees, Grotesque Tactics 2 will be a project to watch.


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