GrimGrimoire Opens On PSN

North American gamers are getting another chance to discover this overlooked gem, courtesy of NIS America.

Vanillaware’s gorgeous 2D strategy game GrimGrimoire first arrived in the United States a full six months after the launch of the PlayStation 3.  It would have been an invigorating addition to the system’s flagging post-launch lineup except for one problem: it was a PlayStation 2 exclusive.  Even with fully backwards compatible systems, few gamers were excited about dropping a full priced last-generation into their shiny new $600 consoles…no matter how charming and inventive they were.

Now, a swift four years later, NIS America and Vanillaware are giving us another chance to solve the mysteries of the Tower of the Silver Star magic academy.  Freshman student Lillet Blan has only five days to prevent a disaster that will claim the lives of everyone on school grounds, but thanks to some fortuitous time travel, she’s able to relive her school week over again to figure out what went wrong.  Sounds like a JRPG, right?  GrimGrimoire actually plays like a real-time strategy game, complete with resource gatherers, combat units to deploy around the battle map, and a rock-paper-scissors relationship to the different spell books.

Combined with Vanillaware’s signature sprite-based artistry, $9.99 is great price for one of the PlayStation 2’s last critically-acclaimed titles.  Look for it today in the PS2 Classics section of the PlayStation Network.

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