Grim Dawn Soars Past Kickstarter Goal

With more than a week left before its deadline, the Kickstarter funding drive for Crate Entertainment’s Grim Dawn has achieved its goal of raising $280,000 to speed completion of the ambitious action-RPG.  Company founder and project lead Arthur Bruno has been steadily updating the project page with new details throughout the last three weeks and was quick to express his personal gratitude to everyone who participated in the drive:

I’m incredibly excited to be able to move into a new phase of Grim Dawn development, with more people working full-time, in the same space were real creative collaboration can happen.  I think it will really show in the final game.  Also, as much as I tried to convey my excitement in the video, I was also very tired, so if I didn’t do a good job, please know I certainly feel it inside.

His full statement, along with the video in question, can be found right here.  Start it up to hear from the man himself, and be sure to stick around for a peek of the Arcanist class in action.

Anyone still wishing to contribute to the project can do so through its main Kickstarter page, ensuring themselves downloadable copies of the completed game, beta access, a boxed Special Edition, and more before the funding drive ends on May 18th.

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