Grim Dawn Melee Combat Video

Much like its spiritual predecessor Titan Quest, Grim Dawn will eschew rigid character classes in favor of a system that allows players to create their own by combining any two masteries.  Each one features diverging skill trees for tailoring abilities to suit a preferred play style, so adventurers are free to experiment with any combination of melee, ranged, and pet-rearing skills they like.

Today’s game play video focuses on the archetype I usually start out with: Guy Who Beats Things to Death With a Sword.  It takes more finesse than you might think, especially against crowds of enemies this thick, but fortunately this blend of Soldier and Demolition disciplines has a number of tactics for thinning out the herd.


Grim Dawn Pre-Alpha: Soldier + Demolition Melee Build


I’m particularly fond of the shield-charge he uses to knock those rotting orbs out of air.  Never underestimate the value of a high impact body blow in your action RPG!

Grim Dawn’s Kickstarter funding drive has recently passed the $425,000 mark, securing the addition of three randomly placed high-level dungeons in the final game when it arrives next summer.

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