Grand Theft Auto Online official gameplay footage released


The next entry in the Grand Theft Auto series is coming this September 17th, and the online footage has officially been released. Rockstar’s boasting some redesign mechanics for this foray into GTA’s world of crime and open-world excitement, and of course there’s a whole lot more to do than just steal cars and shoot people – one look at that motorcycle-turned-hang-gliding shot should give you an idea of the spread of activity you can expect from this video. GTA is always worth a turn of the head (and that’s putting it very mildly), so chances are you’ll want to check out today’s new footage!

As someone who’s still looking for an open-world action adventure game that allows players to do more than just jump into spontaneous team versus team combat, I’m hoping Grand Theft Auto Online will turn out to be as fun as these videos make it look. But if nothing else I look forward to committing virtual felonies in an even more convincing 3D environment. Technological progress, ladies and gentlemen – this is what it’s all about. Grand Theft Auto V is due this Sept 17th, with Grand Theft Auto Online debuting on October 1st, free with every retail cpoy of GTA V.

Victor Grunn has been a gamer since the days of single-button joysticks and the Atari 800XL. When not lamenting the loss of the Ultima series or setting people on fire in Team Fortress 2, he's an aspiring indie game developer and freelance writer.

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