Grand Knights History Coming to North America

One of the best reviewed PSP games on the market this year will be coming to North America courtesy of XSEED Games.  Released at the start of this month in Japan, Grand Knights History was developed by Vanillaware and shares the same striking visual style as their previous endeavors Odin’s Sphere, GrimGrimoire, and Muramasa: The Demon Blade.  However, where those games each earned criticism for their uneven difficulty curves, Grand Knights History‘s game play has been roundly praised by the notoriously stingy reviewers at Famitsu for the way it emphasizes character customization and blends its online and offline modes.

Grand Knights History is a fantasy RPG set on a continent inspired by medieval European politics.  Three countries, Avalon, Union, and Logres have battled each other to a precarious stalemate, allowing the player to decide which nation to throw their team’s support behind.

It is up to players to choose an allegiance with one of the three factions, then progress through offline questing and intense 30-hour online skirmishes, all making use of deep, strategic RPG combat and expansive customization.  Race, sex, appearance, job class, sub-class and weapon type are all freely alterable for every team member, so no two knights are ever the same; and unique massively-multiplayer online functionality allows players to test their knights against others from all corners of North America, without even requiring a constant internet connection.

No release date is set just yet, but XSEED is confirming their plans to release Grand Knights History on traditional UMD as well as through the PlayStation Network for digital downloading.


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