Got $4.1 Million? Austin Waits To Welcome You To Lord British’s Castle (Mk II)

Have you ever dreamed of owning a piece of gaming history?  Well, how about a home owned and designed by Lord British (Richard Garriot) himself?  For some crazy reason or another, the man who created many of our computer role-playing dreams has Brittania Manor II up for sale for $4.1 million dollars, here in Austin, Texas.

In all seriousness, the house sits on a nearly 4-acre hilltop overlooking downtown and the Balcones Canyon Land Preserve, which places it west of downtown, somewhere southwest of the intersection of US 183 and Mopac in W/NW Austin.  This is the same house that’s been used for haunted houses in Austin for years (until they moved to Britannia Manor III nearby), and has been featured on MTV’s Cribs.

Combine an awesome house with tons of local history with a city that’s absolutely incredible to live in (other than, admittedly, Texas summers and local traffic), and this is an awesome thing for someone with the right money.  There are some amazing pictures of the house as well at the link above, so check ’em out and dream away!

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