Goon and Fear Agents Launching on Tabletop June 6th

Crowdfunding is one of the direct factors that is remaking the tabletop market as we know it, and allowing it to grow exponentially over the last few years. With full knowledge of this, Game On Tabletop will be trying to tailor the power of crowdfunding directly into the tabletop market. Its first project will be the already successful Goon and Fear Agent game lines from Pinnacle Entertainment Group. I already have great confidence in The Goon and Fear Agent, as I spoke to in my reviews, and I will be happy to see how this campaign turns out.

Game On Tabletop, the innovative new platform for gamers by gamers and Pinnacle Entertainment Group, award-winning makers of Savage Worlds, Deadlands and other RPGs, announce today the Fear Agent™ and The Goon™ RPGs will be Game On Tabletop’s inaugural event.

The Game On combined campaign for The Goon™ and Fear Agent™ picks up where their recent Kickstarter campaigns left off, having already reached $67,671 and unlocked Stretch Goals for archetype characters, Creature Cards and more. The campaign offers for each game a core rulebook, GM screen with adventure, Bennies, dice, and miniatures sculpted by Bronze Age Miniatures. New backers may join the Game On Tabletop campaign with rewards priced individually beginning at $30 for a physical and PDF copy of one book.

“Pinnacle Entertainment is excited to be Game On Tabletop’s launch partner with The Goon™ and Fear Agent™” says Pinnacle COO Jodi Black. “The site’s functionality makes managing our campaign a breeze and I love that the tabletop community is going to have a dedicated home for finding and supporting new games.”

Be on the lookout for more information from Pinnacle Entertainment Group or Game On Tabletop if you are also excited to see how this new method of funding develops.

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