Goldberg spearing his way into WWE 2K17

For the past few days, WWE fans have been curious what the hatch held. The answer was revealed during Monday Night Raw when the first trailer for WWE 2K17 showed the return of Bill Goldberg to the video game world.

In the debut trailer for 2K’s long-running franchise, you see a hatch exploding to reveal Bill Goldberg, a man that held onto one of the longest winning streaks in professional wrestling history during his WCW stint. In classic fashion, Goldberg’s grandiose music hits and he is, once again, escorted by police officers to wherever his final destination may be.

Goldberg will be represented by two different characters, one from his WCW days and one built around his later WWE run. On top of that, there will be two new WCW arenas playable, the Monday Nitro set and WCW Halloween Havoc.

These bonuses are pre-order exclusives. WWE 2K17 is scheduled for release this October and will be available for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. You can check out our review of WWE 2K16 here.


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