GOG pledges their love for Developers

The folks at GOG made an announcement….no…a declaration of their love for Developers at CDP today.  (we declare our love for em with all the advertising on the site – we are big GOG fans!) Before you envision a sweaty and screaming Microsoft Exec bouncing around the stage, let me set the record straight – they love Indie Developers.  As you wipe the Balmer-vision from your brain, let’s take a look at their announcement:

Earlier this year, the daring distributor with a difference has announced that it’s not only about “Old Games” anymore. Such indie releases as Machinarium, Trine, Spacechem, or Darwinia became instant-classics and settled extremely well in catalog and the hearts of users. Legend of Grimrock, the first of these indie games available for preorder on, was a particular success with more than 20,000 copies sold within the first two months–or roughly half of the units that sold of the Witcher 2 in the first six months! The site has been growing hugely, with a recent 30% jump in users, traffic, visitors, and sales after their Bigger, Fresher, Newer relaunch, and this has been a big plus for developers, too.

Legend of Grimrock’s success story, along with the large number of  pre-orders for Botanicula and Resonance, prove that, DRM-free and problem-free platform that reaches millions of dedicated PC gamers, is a real alternative or a supplement to other distribution platforms and self-publishing as well. provides Indie Devs with market expertise, marketing & PR support, extra care and attention for every release, and a strong community, known for its passion towards only the best releases possible. Any developer with a high-quality gem that’s ready to shine can contact at [email protected]

If Legend of Grimrock is any indication of the quality of games they intend to bring to GOG, I’ll say it for the second time today – SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!   If you want to watch the reading of the aforementioned declaration of love, you can see it right here.

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