God of War trailer steals the show with giant serpents and a story of father and son

After a year of going dorment, God of War returned to the E3 stage at tonight’s Sony E3 press conference—and it looks (without hyperbole) epic.

The new God of War trailer portends the story of a father preparing his son for manhood. Throughout the trailer, the now bearded and grayed Kratos and his unnamed son—commonly referred to as ‘boy’—conversate about a mysterious journey they are on. Kratos tells his son to close his heart to “the desperation” and “suffering” of their enemies, guiding him as he becomes the hardened warrior he must be for this unknown odyssey. “The road ahead is long and unforgiving—no place for a boy,” warns Kratos. “You must be a warrior.”

Judging by some of the monsters appearing in the trailer, Kratos isn’t kidding.

Though technically the fifth installment in Sony Santa Monica’s beloved franchise, God of War for PS4 appears to mark a new approach to the series, doing away with the mindless violence, monotonous rage-shouting, and incessant whirlwind of whizzing blades on chains to make way for a more serious, deeper character-driven story set in the grandiose fantasy worlds of Nordic mythos. Santa Monica’s seamless melee combat, however, still seems to be present, albeit more reserved than in previous God of War games.

God of War is currently slated for an early 2018 release, and we can’t wait!

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