Go snooping around as usual (with a twist!) with Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story later this month

Accidental Queens, creators of A Normal Lost Phone, announced that they will release the spiritual sequel to the game, entitled Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story on September 21. The game will be released on PC and mobile devices September 21, and will task players with trying to find a woman who has disappeared by looking through her lost phone.

In Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story, players are tasked to find out what happened to Laura, a young woman who has vanished without a trace. Stumbling on her lost phone, they need to discover what happened to her by uncovering crucial pieces of information and hidden passwords scattered among texts, apps, photos and social networks. Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story explores different aspects of Laura’s troubled life, touching upon social themes not usually discussed in games, and should be instantly recognizable to fans of the original A Normal Lost Phone. The game features a completely new story, with new puzzles and mysteries to solve.

Check out the trailer above, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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