Giovanni is back and he’s brought friends in a new Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon trailer

In a surprising twist for the follow-up to last year’s Pokemon Sun & Moon, Giovanni makes an appearance presents us with Team Rainbow Rocket, a celebration of Pokemon villainy throughout two decades.

In Team Rainbow Rocket, Giovanni has gathered the Pokemon series’ biggest villains including Team Aqua’s Archie, Team Magma’s Maxie, Team Galactic’s Cyrus, Team Plasma’s Ghetsis, and Team Flare’s Lysandre. It’s possible that Team Rainbow Rocket will appear in an Ultra Wormhole, but their motives aren’t clear yet. However, Giovanni has Mewtwo in his position, making it possible that they’re there for the legendary Pokemon lurking within.

The Battle Agency has also been revealed. In this mode, you rent powerful Pokemon such as Thundurus to battle other rented Pokemon to earn rare Pokemon. Totem stickers will also make an appearance, allowing you to get totem-sized Pokemon by collecting a plethora of them.

Ultra Wormholes will now contain legendary Pokemon spanning across the entire series including all of the flagship Pokemon such as Ruby’s Groudon, Sapphire’s Kyogre, Black’s Reshiram, White’s Zekrom, and more.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will be released on Nintendo 3DS on November 17th, 2017. For more information, visit the official webpage.

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