Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Released

After one year of development, a $150,000 Kickstarter campaign, and Greenlight from fans on steam, Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams has been released today for PC. Twisted Dreams is the grandchild of the 80’s classic platformer, The Great Giana Sisters, and features the same character, now a teenager, as she is again trapped by her nightmares.

The protagonist Giana is in a stage of her life that’s all about transformation, and in her dreams she can manipulate that change and switch between two personas: Cute Giana, whose speed and grace allow her to twirl past hazards, or Punk Giana, who can smash through obstacles by sheer force of raw attitude! She’ll need both identities to defeat her bad dreams and escape the nightmare, not to mention solve the puzzles and unlock the secrets hidden along all 23 levels.

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams is a challenging fast-paced platformer with a twist and an amazing Soundtrack from game music legend Chris Hülsbeck and SID-metal-rockers Machinae Supremacy. Players have to muster all their skills, speed, brains, and powers to defeat the dangers that populate her twisted dreams!

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams is now available for purchase on Steam,, and GamersGate. A console port is planned for Xbox Live and the Playstation Network, but the release date is indeterminate.

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