Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Arctic Strike DLC Announced

Ubisoft announced that Ghost Recon: Future Soldier has gone gold just the other day, but they aren’t content to rest on their optical camouflaged butts – this morning they are announcing future support of the title with the Arctic Strike Map Pack.   It’ll bring new maps, a new multiplayer mode, a new Guerrilla Mode co-op map, and six new weapons for 800 MS points or $9.99 on the PSN.   No word on how or if that’ll translate to the PC, but it’s due on July 3rd, 2012.   For those playing the home game, that’s my birthday.   Juuuuuuust saying…..

Here is a bit about the upcoming title:

In Ghost Recon: Future Soldier join an elite team of highly trained, cut-throat special-ops soldiers.  Armed to the teeth with unrivalled combat technology and cutting-edge military hardware, Ghost Recon takes you to the globe’s most deadly warzones to hunt down the highest value targets.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier will hit shelves on May 22nd for the Xbox 360 and PS3, with the PC version bringing up the rear on June 12th.  Check out the asset art below – click to make it bigger…and awesome:

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