Get your credit cards ready–the Steam sale is here.

You waited You prepared.  You saved your pennies.  You counted your dimes.  You memorized your credit card numbers.  You told your friends that not to expect to see you until Christmas.  You knew there was going to be a big sale for Black Friday, but in the end it came 2 days early.

It seems like these sales get better and better each season.  The best deals are generally going to be found on indie games and some older games, but even the newer stuff is getting some steep discounts.  The deals that jumped out at me:

X-COM: Enemy Unknown (33%): You’ll miss it if you aren’t quick, but it’s rare to see such a critically praised game get a steep discount.  We here at GT loved this one, so you might want to consider picking it up while you can get it on the cheap.

The Walking Dead (50%): Another one you might miss out on, but if you get it in time, pick this one up. I’ve haven’t played this one, but I’ve heard nothing but praise every time it’s mentioned.

The Witcher 2 (60%): This is another game that I haven’t played but given the ratings on metacritic and the massive discount, I’m going to recommend anyways.  If any one game is tempting me to buy it, it’s this one.

Bastion (50%): Bastion is one of the best games I can remember playing in a long time.  If by some miracle you haven’t played yet, you really should take this chance.  It’s less than 8 bucks, and SuperGiant’s debut effort is an indie masterpiece.

Spec Ops: The Line (50%): “The only winning move is not to play.”  That’s the message the game is trying to send players in this introspective meta-analysis of the modern shooter.  This game is definitely flawed, but this game deserves to be experienced, if only for the way it holds a mirror to the player and asks them to consider why they’re deriving so much enjoyment from the darkest parts of human nature.

Portal 2 (50%): In true Valve style, they kept their own games at dirt cheap prices.  Portal 2 captures everything you loved about Portal and improves it.  I promise you you’ll never look at potatoes or Lemons again.  Oh, and if you haven’t played the original, the Orange Box in on sale, too.

Amnesia The Dark Descent (50%):  You could spend 20 bucks at the movies watching a so-so horror flick, or you can pick up the gold-standard in survival horror for half that.  If you enjoy horror of any kind, you need to play Frictional Games’ stellar outing.  If you wanted more scares, you can also pick up their debut effort in flawed, though terrifying Penumbra series.

I’m sure there are other games you out there think I missed, these are just the deals that really stuck out to me.  Go take a look at the sale now.  Just be sure to prepare you wallets for the reckoning to come!


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