Welcome to the apocalypse — New survival-horror MMO, Nether, announced


I’m a sucker for any and all kinds of horror games. No matter how bad the mechanics, I’ll play a survival horror game simply to explore its creepy (or in some cases, not so creepy) atmosphere. That being said, anytime a new horror game is announced, my interest quickly becomes piqued. This time around, it’s piqued for a new horror MMO, a previously unexplored genre for the horror theme. Both publisher Nether Productions and developer Phosphor Games have teamed up to announce Nether, a massively multiplayer game that features a persistent world. Oh, and don’t forget, the apocalypse.

“Our team has a strong and varied background that includes the creation of post-apocalyptic titles, so we’re really excited about Nether,” said Chip Sineni, Creative Director at Phosphor Games. “Our focus is to veer away from some of the ‘traditional’ survival-horror offerings in order to provide something new for the genre, with a great urban setting, a different type of story and an experience that excites us as fans and will be something definitely fresh and new for gamers.”

In Nether, players are thrust into a decimated, post-apocalyptic city where the remaining human population has degenerated into a chaotic state of lawlessness. A pervasive sense of evil looms over the land as people struggle to survive and rumors circulate of vile, demonic creatures that roam the cities to claim any souls still living. As one of the few remaining survivors, players must decide if they will Prey or Pray as they use skill and cunning to obtain food, weapons and other supplies necessary for existence while trying to determine whether or not to approach and trust other players or go at it solo.

The prey or pray mechanic, though a bit cheesy, seems unique to say the least. It’s going to be interesting to follow Nether’s development and eventual release. Nether is currently in alpha but will be available on Steam Early Access this fall. You can visit the games website for more information and be sure to check in with us as we keep a watchful eye on this intriguing MMO.

Screenshots of Nether are below.

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