Get sucked into space with a physical edition of Blackhole this February

Today, 1C Studios announced its partnership with SOEDESCO to release a complete boxed edition of the platformer Blackhole for PlayStation 4 on February 6, 2018. The edition will come with all previously released DLC and some physical goodies.

Blackhole is a hardcore sci-fi platformer made by FiolaSoft Studio. The game revolves around a spaceship which crashes on Entity, an unidentified object resembling a planet. The player takes on the role of the coffee guy of the crew, who wakes up all alone after the crash. The player’s only company is Auriel, the ship’s computer’s sarcastic A.I. Together, players need to fix the spaceship, save all the others and become heroes of planet Earth with mysterious caves, lost cities, towering mountains and deep forest full of tricky, gravity defying puzzles and deadly traps in their way.

The BLACKHOLE: Complete Edition includes all previously released DLC and updates, over 130 levels including 10 all-new locations, a digital artbook and soundtrack featuring over 40 tracks, developer diaries, a playable prototype of the game, and printable high resolution artwork, wallpapers & collector cards.

Check out the trailer for the game above, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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