Get a grip on your iPhone gaming with the new MOGA Ace Power controller

iPhone gamers everywhere can rejoice- mobile controller manufacturers MOGA has released their iPhone/iPod touch compatible precision controller that was promised back in June. Ever since the debut of MOGA’s Android controllers, iPhone users have gazed enviously at the highly portable and console-like inputs, wondering when- if ever- a suitable equivalent for their platform would be available. Thanks to iOS7 and the new controller framework, that possibility has been made a reality with the new MOGA Ace Power Controller:

The MOGA ACE POWER features a unique portable design that expands to play and collapses to easily fit in pockets and bags. The ACE POWER transforms the mobile gaming experience with console-style controls. It allows gamers to secure their iPhone or iPod touch in the MOGA Arm™ with S.M.R.T. Lock™ technology, gaining peace of mind for their gaming sessions. The ACE POWER connects via the Lightning connector, and features dual analog sticks, both L1/R1 and L2/R2 buttons, a D-pad, and four action buttons-all the controls needed for precision gaming.

Much like its Android controllers, the Ace Power also includes a built-in battery for longer gaming sessions. You can purchase one starting today at Apple retail and online stores or at for $99.99.

We’ve been looking forward to this one for a while, so expect a review soon!



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