Get your ass to Mars! Check out the latest Destiny teaser

Get your ass to Mars! That’s pretty much what the latest trailer for Destiny has to say. The trailer shows off the absolutely amazing visuals for the Red Planet, as well as a few very…very big beasties we’ll encounter there.

If you missed it the first time, you can check out our impressions from the Beta right here.  Here’s a nibble from my thoughts on multiplayer:

Multiplayer – We’ve only gotten a small taste of team-based multiplayer courtesy of The Crucible. This arena pits two sides against one another in a mode called Control which is essentially classic capture and hold. With a handful of maps at our fingertips, it was plain to see that this is the house that built Halo. The maps, the vehicles, the weapon drops – everything we’ve seen in The Crucible is balanced. Superpowers have a long enough charge where they don’t unbalance PvP, but catching a while team rapidly capturing a flag and then obliterating them all with a Warlock’s Nova Bomb is incredibly satisfying.

I do like that Bungie has limited the voice chat in Destiny. It keeps the trash talk to a minimum, allowing people to coordinate their attack and defense. It keeps people focused on the game instead of the shrill voices of annoying children. Where other games with competitive multiplayer usually wears thin, I could see myself playing Destiny for a very long time.

Destiny will release on 9/9/14 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.


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