Generator Rex: Agent of Providence Available Now with Launch Trailer

While Cartoon Network once was known for airing old cartoons, they have delved heavily into new programming.  One of their more recent creations is Generator Rex, and now they have released a new video game released on the cartoon.

Generator Rex: Agent of Providence allows players to step into the shoes of Rex Salazar, the hero of Cartoon Network’s original action-adventure television series. Rex controls mutation-inducing “Nanites” that make him a valuable member of Providence, a worldwide force that reins in out-of-control E.V.O.s (Exponentially Variegated Organisms). Whether he is crafting “Builds” or curing the dangerous mutations of others, Rex’s powers are truly amazing!

Sound like the mutations could make the game very cool, but it could turn out like Green Lantern too.  Check out the launch trailer to see the game in action.

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