Gearbox shows off two more of Battleborn’s heroes

Gearbox has revealed two new playable characters from Battleborn

The first up is Trevor Ghalt, who IGN describes as “a military veteran, and someone’s who’s been around the block, has seen a bunch of those wars and conflicts firsthand.” You can check out Ghalt’s nearly 14-minute-long reveal trailer below, courtesy of IGN:

The second character is a thousand-year-old spymaster named Deande, who utilizes stealth adn deception to gain the upper hand in battles. This includes being able to clone herself and use the copy as a decoy that other players will focus on.

After a delay out of February, Battleborn is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on May 3rd. The game recently underwent a closed beta testing period, with an open beta coming to PlayStation 4 first early in 2016.

For more on Battleborn, check out our latest preview and interview with 2K about the game.

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