Gearbox shows off Battleborn’s story mode, gives open beta dates

Gearbox has revealed new details on Battleborn’s story mode, including that it will take on an episodic format focusing on individual character stories.

The base game will launch with eight episodes, each of which will last somewhere around an hour, according to Gearbox. All of the episodes will tell standalone stories within Battleborn’s universe.

Battleborn: Live Together or Die Alone – Story Trailer

Before players get a chance to see the story Battleborn has to offer, they can now see a prequel motion comic which helps to lead into the game proper:

Battleborn Motion Comic: Chapter 1, Running The Numbers

The final part of Gearbox’s announcements today is that Battleborn’s open beta will begin on April 8th for PlayStation 4 players, and April 13th for PC and Xbox One. The full game will be available on May 3rd, and for more on Gearbox’s latest, check out our interview with Gearbox’s Scott Kester.

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