Gearbox Community Day coming Sept 14th with subscriber incentives


Gearbox Software, makers of the glorious Borderlands series, will be hosting a Community Day event this September 14th. Unlike previous years, this time around the whole event is going to be streamed live in HD to gamers around the world – at least, those gamers who pony up $20 USD in order to take part in the festivities (well, watch the festivities remotely, anyway.) Pre-ordering access to the stream also grants some additional rewards, however, including “Borderlands 2 SHiFT codes to unlock special in-game Community Day 2013 heads and skins, future access to a closed beta for an unannounced Gearbox Software title* plus a free game download of Homeworld HD and Homeworld Classic**!” If the prospect of paying for the right to have Gearbox IP advertised to you seems off putting, think of it as a twenty-dollar opportunity to pick up Homeworld HD, Homeworld classic, Borderlands 2 skins and blind beta access – with a live stream thrown in for free. See that? Rationalization comes in handy!

In all seriousness, I look forward to seeing what comes out of this event, given that I’ve started playing Borderlands 2 again and it still remains one of the most entertaining titles I’ve ever picked up – and a ridiculous value for the money, considering Steam has me logged at playing 143 hours in the game and I have yet to tackle some of the DLC I received via my Season Pass. I’m sure Gearbox has other titles under their belt, but really – they had me at Borderlands. Everything else is just gravy.

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