Gamma World and Warlords E3 2011 Previews

Gamma World
Scheduled for release in the fall this arcade style FPS allows local and online co-op play with a decidedly dark sense of humor. Be ready to use bacon wrapped melee weapons on pig-like mobs. The game follows 4th edition D&D rules as you fight your way through a stranger and stranger mix of enemy combatants. Melee weapons and guns are used even as the game encourages the use of mutations to cast spells. The more these mutation powers are used the more experience is built up to acquire new and better mutations. Between the mutations and weapons there is a significant RPG element to the game as character customization can alter group tactics.

In the spirit of reboots Atari has brought back Warlords. The premise is the same: protect your castle with a moving shield even as you try to deflect attacks back at your opposing castles. The game can be played as a single player or a local/online co-op. This fast paced castle defense should be released this summer to the XPLA and PSN.

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