Gaming Trend Podcast 66 – 09.05.2011

It’s reboot time! Ron and I kick off the new and improved Gaming Trend Podcast- a weekly digest where we talk about what we’re playing, what’s coming out that week, and whatever else we feel like jabbering about! Highlights this week include Ron talking about Warhammer 40K: Space Marine and the spiffy replica chainsword he got, and our main topic is Deus Ex Human Revolution (Can you tell we love this game yet?). Beware- spoilers abound at the 50 minute mark, but we give you plenty of warning. Enjoy!

Hosts: Mike Dunn & Ron Burke
Producer: Mike Dunn
Music: Strange Motorcycle


01:00 – What we’re playing (Warhammer 40k: Space Marine)
14:48 – Coming out this week
25:17 – Deus Ex Human Revolution post-game impressions- The End(s)
27:45 – Socio-political themes in Deus Ex
30:08 – Affecting the industry
33:45 – Invisible War
42:18 – Square Enix rebooting Eidos
43:30 – Holding up to the original
47:54 – Modern mechanics
48:27 – Action figures & DLC
50:51 – ~~ Spoilers!!! ~~



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