GameStop halting growth for at least two years

GamestopWithTextureAndTagIt looks like the unstoppable video game retail juggernaut GameStop is slowing its pace down a bit. Destructoid has reported that GameStop has fired half of its eight Store Opening Coordinators. The reason? GameStop doesn’t plan on growing for at least two years. From the report:

A source close to GameStop told Destructoid this afternoon that four of GameStop’s eight Store Opening Coordinators that dealt with national store openings were suddenly let go today, with each given a six month severance. They were specifically told that the reason for being let go was that there would be no growth in the company for at least two years.

This never bodes well for a company, especially one in an industry which seems to be heavily shifting toward digital distribution, completely cutting off retail channels like GameStop. Will stores like GameStop be around in five years, or will they die off entirely and become the next Blockbuster or Borders? Time will tell.

Source: Destructoid


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