GameStop CEO on Battlefield 4: “WOW!”

Battlefield 4 GameStop CEOWhile Sony is busy prepping for their big announcement later tonight, EA has apparently been showing off their own projects behind closed doors. At least that’s how it seems based on a recent tweet by the CEO of GameStop in response to a sneak peek at Battlefield 4. While I’m personally hoping Battlefield 4 won’t mark the beginning of a releasing-a-new-game-every-year-that’s-really-the-same-game pattern for the franchise (and crossing my fingers for another Bad Company game), J Paul Raines just can’t wait to get his hands on the game:

We can’t wait to see it either. Fortunately, we should be hearing more about the game soon; EA hinted on a recent financial call that they would reveal more about Battlefield 4 in the coming weeks.


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