GameSlate launching on Kickstarter on November 1

While board games can be great, they can take a while to setup and take down.  While the Microsoft Surface promised the ability to play games on it, but that ability hasn’t materialized.  The guys at Sturx Industries wondered what it would be like to create a touchscreen that would use the miniatures on it, enforce rules, and keep track of the bookkeeping parts.  That’s what they hope to provide with the GameSlate, which will be on Kickstarter on November 1.

The GameSlate is a device for merging board games and video games into one awesome experience. The GameSlate, a PC peripheral, uses a multi touch grid provided by our partner, PQ labs, to enable multiple simultaneous players around a fully interactive digital gameboard.

Board games are NOT video games.

Kevin Sturdivant, designer of the GameSlate states, “Board games do not easily translate to the digital venue. Board game fun is produced through the combination of players circled around a gameboard and the immense depth of gameplay. You cannot get the same effect performing hot seat turns staring at a wall monitor.” The GameSlate device is unique in its simplicity. The GameSlate is laid flat on any tabletop surface and displays the gameboard digitally. Players utilize miniatures and tokens to play the game as it was meant to be played.

The Benefits? The GameSlate encourages casual and newer gamers through a lowered learning curve and novice play settings. We all want more players in our gaming sessions, but if the new player is confused, they will never play again. Our software is designed to help the newer player and challenge the expert all in the same setting.

Secondly, as the game proceeds, lost counters, lost dice, rule clarifications, other bookkeeping tasks, such a moving the turn marker become unnecessary. Thus, the overall gameplay time decreases and allows a speedy resolution.

Most awesomely, there is the enhanced game experience with lights, sounds, and gratuitous explosions and special effects. When playing licensed games, we would often put on the theme music from the show, now the GameSlate performs lights, power effects and musical scores just like any AAA video game production.

The games themselves will need to be purchased individually, but if you already own the game an miniatures they’ll cost less.  If you don’t, you can purchase the miniatures prepainted, I can see this as being a great for games like Descent, Imperial Assault, Super Dungeon Explore, X-Wing, and more.  I am curious to how well the campaign will do with the price point, but the extra effects could be worth it for a gaming group.  Check it out when it shows up on Kickstarter.

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