Games for the Masses–weekend deals 02-22-13

Hard-Reset-HD-WallpaperWelcome back to Games for the Masses, where we save the gaming proletariat from capitalist oppression.  The  Resistance is strong this week, with plenty of awesome games you can get on the cheap!

First off, let’s start with the ever-popular HumbleBundle, which is hosting Mojang’s 2nd annual Mojam.  Tune in to watch Notch and friends develop games in real time over the weekend. If you jump in on the action you’ll net yourself 8 new games.  You won’t know much about them unless you dedicate some time to watching the livestreams, but from what I’ve seen they look fairly interesting.

Next up: Greenman Gaming.  There’s a real doozy of a deal, if you can get it in time:  60% X-COM: Enemy Unknown.  We loved the game here at Gaming Trend, so if you’ve been waiting for a sale this is your chance–but the deal ends at noon EST on Friday. Good luck.

Never fear, though.  Even if you miss the great deal on X-COM, you’ll still be able to net a few awesome games for less than five bucks.  First up is the shlocky, atmospheric Unstoppable Gorg, a decent tower defense game with a mis-en-scene ripped right out of the campiest of 50s sci-fi.  If you prefer a bit more action, you can net yourself a copy of the unparralled platformer Super Meat Boy.  If you’ve never played this one you owe it to yourself to give it a shot–but make sure you have a gamepad.

IndieRoyale is offering another bundle you can get for as little as $4.42 (but you really should give them more).  The headliner here is probably the super slick Hard Reset.  The gameplay can get a bit repetetive, but the action is fast and the framelate is super smooth.  You’ll also be able to pick up the adventure game Jolly Rover, puzzler Vertex Dispenser, and shooter Lair of the Evildoer.

Good old Games is hosting a big sale on shooters this week.  The star of the show is, of course, Duke Nukem 3D, but can also score the entire Blake Stone series as well as action flight sim Terminal Velocity.

If you’re more into console gaming, you can head over to Amazon’s game deals center, where you can get yourself a copy of Halo 4 on 40% discount, and Forza Horizon at 45% off.  These are 360 only, I’m afraid, but our X-Box brethhern deserve some love too.  Playstation 3 dedicated can score a coopy of Hitman Absolution to distract them from their troubles, and if anybody out there has a 3DS, Paper Mario Sticker Star is also on sale.

We’ll wrap things up with Steam, where you can download and play two game entirely for free over the weekend.  Gratuitous Space Battles is exactly what it sounds like: pick your loadout, then watch the carnage unfold.  If you prefer a more grounded experience, you can go toe-to-toe with your neighbors in CoDBlOps IIs multiplayer mode.  Oh, and if you’re quick you might pick up the Thief collection for less than 7 dollars.

That’s the best deals I could find.  If you think I missed  a big one, be sure to leave a comment below.  Until next week, game on comrades!

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