Gamer sells 30 years of gaming history on eBay

30 Years of Gaming History on eBayImagine for a moment that you could own the past three decades or so of gaming history; all of the consoles, all of the games, all of the controllers and accessories. Sounds amazing, right? What would something like that be worth to you? $10,000? $100,000? Well, the gamer who posted this auction on eBay is hoping it’s worth at least $550,000. He has somehow amassed an amazing collection of games and gaming paraphernalia that includes:

  • 6850 games (all but 70 boxed)
  • 330 consoles (304 boxed)
  • 220 controllers (167 boxed)
  • 185 accessories, which includes cables, memory cards, battery packs, and so on
  • Various promo and limited edition items like soundtracks, demos, action figures, and other goodies

He claims to have taken over 10,000 pictures of his collection (who wouldn’t, if they had something that awesome?) and a full list of the included games can be found here. Unfortunately for other collectors looking for a particular rare item, the seller notes that he will not consider selling off individual pieces (although smaller lots might be an option). Why sell off such an impressive collection at all? The seller notes that it would take “two or three” lifespans to play through even half of the games he owns.

In unrelated news, I am in need of an immediate donation of $550,000…



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