Galaga Legions DX E3 2011 Preview

Remember when you could play an arcade game for thirty minutes on a single quarter? No? Well let me tell you, back in my day a player was rewarded for their skill by being able to continue the same game for extended periods of time. All of that has changed with modern video games with their fancy graphics, dollar starting price, and the unquenchable thirst for more of your dollars regardless of skill level. So it was with a little trepidation that I played the update to the 2008 reboot of one of my favorite childhood arcade games. While remaining true to the original further enhancements have been made to this latest version of Galaga. The most significant change is that the game is now a dual-stick shooter. With endless swarms of enemies surrounding your ship movement occurs with the left analog stick while the right is needed to fire in all directions. The game at E3 is limited to only the first few levels, but that was enough to make me appreciate having a ship with a fast response to the controls unlike the sluggish original. Now where is my roll of quarters?

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