Futurism & Tech Pavilion @ Comic-Con shows virtual reality thrills, new VR equipment

Comic-Con International San Diego announced today that its hub for virtual reality experiences and technology, VR Con @ Comic-Con, will be expanded to Futurism & Tech @ Comic-Con. The event will take place from July 19-23 at the Omni Hotel in San Diego, and will feature an AR experience from The Black Eyed Peas.

VR Con was created in 2016 in conjunction with Comic-Con International to celebrate the best and boldest in the exploding areas of VR and AR. This year under its new banner, Futurism & Tech Pavilion @ Comic-Con, the event has more than doubled in size (to over 10,000 square feet) and expanded to include the A.I. Innovation Fair by Mentor InSight, elements of the Fleet Science Center, and other tech experiences in robotics, wearable tech, and art.

While gaming will be an important part of the event, with titles such as Sega Zone and Bandai Namco’s Project Cars 2 featured, there will be tons of other VR attractions and art shows to experience. Mira, a mobile-first augmented reality company, will feature The Black Eyed Peas, multiplatinum global music artists who have released “Masters of the Sun – The Zombie Chronicles”, as they discuss the creation of the novel as well as an augmented reality experience.

In addition to hands-on demos, there will be various panels throughout the convention: World Creators – Crossing Platforms (which is a discussion as to what it takes to make worlds come alive across different platforms), Rising Stars in Tech, Power Rangers VR, and Sounds of Sonic (which is a live performance of Sonic music by Shota Nakama).

Entertainment Software Association (ESA), which produces the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo gaming convention in Los Angeles each year, is also participating in Futurism & Tech Pavilion @ Comic-Con. Its ESA Foundation is setting up a Diversity in Gaming and Tech Lounge, in partnership with Red Bull Media House. “Video games have the power to change communities and lives. The We Are experience we are doing here has the potential to encourage and inspire not just future video game makers, but also designers, coders and more,” said Anastasia Staten, Executive Director of the ESA Foundation.

San Diego Comic Con will take place on July 20-23, with a preview night on July 19. Stay tuned for more Comic Con news here on Gaming Trend.


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