Full Bore squeals onto digital shelves on May 6th. Oink.

Full Bore.  From Whole Hog Games.  Man, I can’t even make this stuff up. Today we’ve got a trailer to show off this odd little indie title that has finally made its way onto Steam.  Apparently it came out as early access last year, but what’s launching on May 6th is a whole other animal. (puns! see what I did there? SEE?!) Twice as long and tuned for pure awesomeness?  Let’s get into what this game is about:

Deep underground lies a reminder of Boarkind’s darkest hours. All it takes is one little boar to dig it back up. A block puzzler with an exploratory twist, Full Bore throws the player into an open world of crumbling mines, arcane ruins, and technological wonders with only curiosity to lead the way. Full Bore is packed to the brim with secrets and hidden rooms, because in a world of blocks, puzzles could be anywhere.

Full Bore is the journey of a young boar through the long-buried past. As you figure out how the blocks around you behave, you’ll be able to reach new areas of the world and uncover their mysteries- and their riches. Use your ever-growing knowledge to dig your way though mines, temples, scrapyards, lava tubes, inexplicable lakes and mysterious laboratories, as you piece together the story of a world transfigured.

With over a hundred areas – a third of them hidden – no set path, and secrets everywhere, Full Bore is not just a world to get lost in, but one you can keep coming back to find something new.

This is what I love about the indie movement – this is just too odd to be a big-budget title, but it looks like it’d be a whole lot of fun. Looking at the PC requirements this could run on a pocket calculator (seriously, my phone is fast enough to run it) so there is no barrier to entry other than your own pre-order. Speaking of, if you do that you’ll get 10% off.  That’ll do pig, that’ll do.  (You’re actually a boar, but that screws up the quote.  Just run with it, will ya?)

Full Bore will release via Steam on May 6th.  You can pre-order it right here.

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