Frozen Synapse hitting the iPad May 16th – see the helpful video explanation of its features!


Mode 7 games would like you to know that their popular strategy game Frozen Synapse is scheduled to hit the iPad as of May 16th. Not only that, but they’d like you to know about the various features that come with the iPad version – what it means for those players who have both PC and iPad copies of the games, when the Android release is scheduled, and various helpful tips on how to enjoy the game while in the privacy of your hastily-assembled fortress of solitude at work! The big news here is cross-platform play from iOS to PC and vice versa, which is unbelievably welcome news.

I liked Frozen Synapse well enough when it came out, but something about the presentation in this video just makes me want to pick it up all over again for the iOS. The features being outlined are enticing enough, but this kind of charismatic developer enthusiasm is downright contagious.


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