From Software is considering ending the Souls series with Dark Souls III

While it’s not an outright confirmation, it sounds like From Software may not be looking to make more Dark Souls games after Dark Souls III.

Speaking with GameSpot, From Software’s Hidetaka Miyazaki spoke about the fear that fans are being overexposed to the Souls series after the launch of Dark Souls II, Bloodborne, and the upcoming Dark Souls III. According to Miyazaki, he’d like to see Dark Souls III be a closing chapter for the series, as he and the rest of From Software are all developing a desire to work on something new.

It’d be a lie if I said I have no concerns about that. I don’t think it’d be the right choice to continue indefinitely creating Souls and Bloodborne games. I’m considering Dark Souls 3 to be the big closure on the series. That’s not just limited to me, but From Software and myself together want to aggressively make new things in the future. Dark Souls 3 will mark the last game where the development project began before I became president. The next title will be a game that was conceived while I was president. I believe that From Software has to create new things. There will be new types of games coming from us, and Dark Souls 3 is an important marker in the evolution of From Software.

From Software has been working on Souls games since before 2009 when Demon’s Souls came out for the PlayStation 3. This was followed by 2011’s Dark Souls, Dark Souls II in 2014, and Bloodborne earlier this year. Dark Souls III is slated for launch on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on April 12th.

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