A free update tries to spice up gameplay in Ryse: Son of Rome

Microsoft and Crytek recently announced that they’re adding two new free level events to the Gladiator mode.  One is an enemy turret which appears and must be destroyed before putting arrows through the player, and another are Reward Statues, which can be activated to boost a Gladiator’s health or focus.

Ryse: Son of Rome has received mixed reviews, and Microsoft and Crytek are hoping that a free update will be enough to entice players to go back to gameplay which has been repeatedly called bland and repetitive among reviewers and players alike.

Alongside the free update, new arenas and skins have been made available via a $3.99 DLC pack.  It contains two arenas and two skins, and if you had the Season Pass, then you should already have access to them.

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