Free-to-play RPG Ultima Forever: Quest of the Avatar now available on iOS


Lady British? What is this heresy? What it is is a screenshot from Ultima Forever: Quest of the Avatar, which has just gone live on the App Store for, of course, iOS devices. This is a top down  isometric view RPG set in the Ultima universe, where you play as a character tasked – at least initially – with saving Britannia from a creeping corruption known as The Weep. It’s actually quite a throwback to the original Ultima games (at least 4 through 7), with an emphasis on the eight virtues and exploring the world of Britannia – just like the good old days. Naturally it’s been a been updated, so expect to run into those glowing exclamation points that have become all the rage since World of Warcraft, some multiplayer functionality, and of course a bit of some cash shop presence. But after diving into it for an hour myself, I can at least say that if you liked Ultima and have an iOS device, this is definitely worth checking out. It feels fun, and stands out strongly among the other free to play games.

Still though, Lady British? I’m sure there’s an explanation for that, but it’s simply news to me. Not to mention she’s looking rather Queen of Hearts in that screengrab, and I’m half expecting her to go evil at some point. But you know what? As a longtime Ultima fan, I’m just glad to be able to play an actual Ultima RPG again, even one that feels a bit more modern and free-to-play. Definitely worth a look if you’re either an Ultima enthusiast like myself, or even if you just plain are eager for a new iOS RPG.


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