New Ridge Racer title is going straight-to-DVD


Ridge Racer  isn’t quite the esteemed series that it used to be, so perhaps the straight-to-DVD treatment is in order. Ridge Racer Driftopia  will be a downloadable free-to-play title and is set to hit PS3 and PC later this year.

“The free-to-play and digital gaming space presents an incredible opportunity for NAMCO BANDAI Games to offer its illustrious roster of titles to a new and ever expanding audience,” says Carlson Choi, Vice President of Marketing and Digital Sales at NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc. “We’re excited to have Ridge Racer Driftopia take NAMCO BANDAI into this constantly growing sector.”

No details have been announced just yet, but what really makes this news bit noteworthy is that a new free-to-play title is coming to the PS3. As much as I hate how most free-to-play games try to con you once you’re in, it’s good to see new types of business models finding traction on consoles.





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