Free indie shooter Sloth Patrol offers twin-stick action, sloths


If you’re looking for a game to jump into today and enjoy the whole top-down twin-stick shooter genre a la Geometry Wars, then heads up! Sloth Patrol is a similar game, created via the ever-popular Unity IDE, and is available as a free to play game – both online via the aforementioned Unity plugin, or offline on PC. It’s a fun little game, and while a gamepad controller comes strongly recommended by the creator, I was able to crack 125k with the traditional mouse/keyboard option – so you may want to give that route a shot for yourself if you don’t have a controller at the ready. For those of you who want to know more, I’ve got the Sloth Patrol trailer embedded for you below – showing off some of the action and teasing the inexplicable sloth tie-in.

Online ranking, completely free rather than fake-free, and with some pretty decent music and graphics to back it all up. Not bad, Traxmaster software. Not bad at all.

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