Fractured Soul Is a Classic Side-Scrolling Platformer… And May Melt Your Brain

I feel kind of guilty admitting that this morning is the first I’ve heard of Fractured Soul , a side-scrolling platformer coming to the 3DS eShop tomorrow. The guilt stems from the fact that, after watching the video put up by developer End Game Studios, I almost missed a really spectacular looking game.

Fractured Soul is for core gamers like us that grew up playing classics like Mega Man and Castlevania,” Grant Davies, Managing Director, Endgame Studios. “We wanted to capture the intense, pulse-pounding action of those games, but to give ours a unique twist that really turns the game on its head. With the dual-screen, dimension-shifting gameplay I think we’ve done that — we hope 3DS gamers out there will agree.

If you check out the video on YouTube and follow the comments (a rare case in which the comments actually contribute to a healthy discussion), you’ll notice a bunch of people claiming the game is going to “melt” their brains. The reason being is the game is played out on two screens at once – and not in the same fashion as your typical 3DS game.



I grabbed these bullet points from the game’s Facebook page:

  • Double the action: Fractured Soul takes the classic, instantly familiar platform game and brings it to the next level with dual-screen gameplay!
  • Online rankings for speed running: Compete against your friends and the world via Nintendo leaderboards.
  • Gameplay variety: 5 major zones, each bringing a unique challenge to the second screen. Your dimension-shifting journey will take you underwater, through fierce winds, scorching heat and even inverse gravity!
  • Hours of content: 30 levels across 5 zones, including both platforming and shoot-em-up game styles, as well as epic, dual-screen boss battles!
  • Hardcore challenges: Unlock challenge levels, and test your skills to the limit!

Fractured Souls  goes up on the 3DS eShop tomorrow for $11.99.

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