Fracture: Tenrai, the first free event for Halo Infinite, begins today

Fracture: Tenrai, the first free 30-tier event for Halo Infinite, begins today and features samurai inspired armor and other themed rewards. You can check out the launch trailer above, you can view the original blog post here, and read below for more details:

Featuring the samurai-inspired Yoroi armor core and other themed rewards, the free 30-tier Event Pass is available now alongside a limited time playlist and event-specific challenges. This is the first of six total appearances Fracture: Tenrai will make over the course of Season 1, with its next appearance coming in January 2022.

But before we get into the nitty-gritty of things, we wanted to make sure to answer some of your bigger questions. For those looking for a bit more background on how Fracture events sit in the larger Halo universe, we’ve reached out to our Franchise Team to provide a bit more context.


One of the things that you might be immediately curious about is how the items seen in the various Fractures relate to the core canon of the Halo universe. Fractures are divergent Halo universes or timelines, but for the most part, they all orbit the same themes. Each particular Fracture can share a variety of elements in common with core canon, but recast in a different light or interpreted in a new way. It was important to maintain key touchstones so that they all remain authentic to Halo, whether the Fracture happened to have dragons or was simply a twisted timeline that saw a markedly different outcome.

The first Fracture for Halo Infinite is called “Tenrai,” where blessed suits of YOROI are forged using ancient karakuri arts from the raw energies of the land—each hand-crafted for eager young samurai of unimpeachable honor to defend their clan and lands from the barbaric Covenant invaders. This is an example of the world-building “seed” used to inspire a particular Fracture theme — a small overview that gives a flavor of what’s possible in this alternate reality, with further details sprinkled throughout the in-game lore strings that accompany various customization items associated with their respective theme.


Embroiled in bitter clan wars for generations, the warlords of the Tenrai Fracture now stand united against the invading Covenant barbarians. Forced into an alliance against the relentless Covenant and their colossal glass dragons, the 343 clans of the Imperial Court have shared once-secret knowledge to create new armor and weapons forged by mortal hands but blessed with divine force. It is through these new tools of war, unimpeachable honor, and peerless skill that the clans will fight and win against the invaders and reclaim the seven provinces lost to their depredations.


The Fracture: Tenrai Event Pass is 100% free and offers players themed, limited time rewards for playing multiplayer matches and completing event challenges while the event is live. During event weeks it will appear in your season progress menu between the battle pass and challenges. The Fracture: Tenrai Event Pass will be available for one week from Tuesday, November 23 at 10am PT until Monday, November 30 at 10am PT. However, unlike other events, Fracture: Tenrai will appear a total of six times throughout the season, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to complete all 30 reward tiers of the Event Pass.


Progress on the Event Pass is made by completing Event Challenges which you can find on your challenges page marked with a red banner. Completing an Event Challenge will unlock an event pass tier reward, and by completing each event challenge, you will progress through the event pass. Once you have completed all available Event Challenges in a given week you will have progressed as far as possible until the next Fracture: Tenrai event.

These challenges center around the event playlist Fracture: Tenrai – Fiesta: the chaotic and fun spawn-with-random-weapons Arena experience. You can expect to play on a full suite of Arena maps including Aquarius, Recharge, Streets, and Behemoth to name just a few.


As mentioned, the Event Pass is entirely free and rewards player participation in Fracture: Tenrai over the course of multiple recurrences, meaning that your progress on this pass will carry over week-to-week.

On top of the Legendary Yoroi Armor core, players can expect to unlock the following as part of the Event Pass:

Torii Reflection – Epic Backdrop
Gatekeeper – Legendary Shoulder Pads
Rare Samurai Nameplate & Emblems
Sol Devil – Legendary Weapon Coating (MA40 AR)
Whispered Sky – Epic Weapon Coating (Sidekick and BR75 Battle Rifle)
Spring Blossom Filter – Legendary Helmet Attachment
Swordsman’s Belt – Legendary Utility for Yoroi Armor Core


To celebrate the start of this event we are also going to be gifting all players who login the legendary Fracture backdrop which players can equip as part of their Spartan ID. Jump in anytime during this first week of Fracture: Tenrai to receive it.

In addition to the Free Event pass, players can earn additional Samurai-themed items by completing this week’s Ultimate Challenge.

The Halo Infinite shop will also feature limited time, premium Samurai-themed cosmetics.


The Fracture: Tenrai event touches and inspires more than just the Event Pass, you will also see its influence across the weekly Ultimate Reward and in-game store offerings.

Event Challenges will not replace all standard weekly challenges, and you can still progress towards the weekly Ultimate Reward. Willow Tea, an armor coating for the Mark VII armor core, will be the Ultimate Reward for the week of November 23 and is just as lovely (and samurai-inspired) as the items you can find in the Event Pass.


While both the Event Pass and weekly challenges offer cosmetics, for those looking for even more options the in-game Shop is the place to go. The shopfront will also be themed for Fracture: Tenrai, and you can expect to find additional offerings there throughout the week. Whether these are bundles with unique coatings and accessories, or additional emblems, there will be plenty to consider. The store will receive new batches of content every time Fracture: Tenrai comes back over the course of Season 1.


This first week of Fracture: Tenrai will close on Tuesday, November 30 as part of our regular Tuesday rotation, but it will return in early January 2022. So, you will have plenty more chances to get the Yoroi armor core and progress that free Event Pass with incredible samurai-inspired cosmetics.

The ultimate goal of Fractures is to be a springboard for new (and fun!) experiences, both in-game and out. Each one is an experiment in storytelling and art style, which we hope inspires our fans and gets them thinking about their own Halo Fractures!

Events are a key component of the multiplayer experience, and this Fracture is just one part of that larger whole; stay tuned for information on future events and content coming soon to Halo Infinite. And, to keep up to date on all Halo news, check out our official social channels (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) or join the community over on Waypoint and Discord.

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