Fox Business defends video games?

We’re a long way from Fox News “cleverly” referring to the 360 as the “sex box” during the limp Mass Effect debate.   A recent Kotaku article found a clip of the John Stossel show during which the mustachioed host lets guest Franklin Graham give himself just enough rope before tossing over a tree limb.

The son of televangelist Billy Graham seemed to be expecting the division of Fox News to be on his side (along with the side of senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa, whose attack on video games prompted the news segment), but Stossel only tossed in an offhanded, “right to defend gun rights” when referencing the NRA before laying into the man with a number of facts that seemed to stagger Graham to the point where he could only respond, “I agree with you, but…”

It’s good stuff and worth a watch, if only to give yourself ammunition the next time you find yourself having to defend your hobby to your family or peers or spouse.  My wife overheard the bit about taxing videogame violence before declaring it a good idea and walking away.  I imagine I’ll have to store these bits of info for future use.  Otherwise I’m facing an uncomfortable day.

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