Fortnite Early Access on PC and consoles announced — gameplay trailer revealed

Epic Games announced today that its tower-defense game Fortnite will enter early access on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Mac on July 25.

In Fortnite, players will collect materials to craft full forts from the ground up with an in-game editing tool. You can build walls, multiple floors, traps and more to defend your team’s ‘atlas’ from oncoming hordes of zombie-like monsters. Players do combat with these monsters from a third-person perspective, using both melee weapons like swords, scythes and gardening hoes, as well as more modern weapons like assault rifles, shotguns, and grenades.

Epic Games also announced the Fortnite Founders Packs, which grants consumers entry to Fortnite’s “Early Access Season,” access to exclusive in-game events coming this year, and a bevy of in-game content, including loot, weapons, in-game boosts, and Heroes. Pre-ordering the Founders Pack grants players early access to Fortnite’s Early Access season, starting July 21, in addition to a Storm Master Weapon Pack.

Fortnite will be available in early access on consoles and PC starting July 25. Whenever it makes it to a full release, the game will be available both digitally and at retail (for PS4 and Xbox One).

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