Former King of Fighters / SNK developers just 7k shy of their fighter game goal on Indiegogo


If you’re looking for a 2D fighter project to throw some money at, and if you happened to be a fan of the heyday of the King of Fighters series, here’s a project you may be interested in. Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm – a 2D fighter being made by 3 former SNK / King of Fighters developers – is just a few thousand short of their 68k goal over on Indiegogo. With 5 days left, they’re cutting it awfully close, but that’s also a reasonable amount of funds they need just to get them over that final hump. This is a fighting game in the classic style – pixel art, character portraits, voice-overs and 8 playable characters, and it looks pretty promising as it stands. Want to know more? Well, we’ve got the promotional trailer showing off some of the game’s highlights.

Frankly, King of Fighters was always the 2D fighting game of choice for me years ago. It was the fighting game that had real personality and chemistry coming through with the characters, and I’m hoping Yatagarasu has some of the very same represented.

Trailer for Yatagarasu v4.3


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