Forcemasters and Warlords fight in next Mage Wars expansion

Warlord vs Forcemaster

The board game Mage Wars has a lot of strategy with it, even though there are only four different mages included.  Arcane Wonders has done a great job to have each of the mages play very differently.  Now they are aiming to give you more strategy with two new mages, the Forcemaster and the Warlord, coming in a new expansion this month.

Arcane Wonders®, publishers of the hit game Mage Wars®, announces the official release date of February 18th, for its first major expansion set, The Forcemaster vs. Warlord.

The expansion set will be on most retailer store shelves across North America by February 20th.

Check out the release below to see the play styles of both, and be sure to check out the game if you haven’t yet.

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