Folklore: The Affliction coming to Kickstarter in September

While I do enjoy all sorts of dungeon crawls, most of them are about killing monsters and don’t have much of a back story on the characters.  Sure, you have your different classes and can sometimes upgrade your equipment, but there isn’t much as far as a reasoning for these people to come together.  When I saw Folklore: The Affliction at Origins in 2014, I could tell that it was special.  Greenbrier Games is going to be publishing the game, and the Kickstarter will be coming in September.

Folklore the Affliction is a dark fantasy role playing board game that does not require a game master. Adventure in a land steeped in fear, myth and superstition. Hunt or be hunted by creatures of antiquity and legend. Explore dangerous locales to find clues to the sources of evil sinking claws into the heart of the land, and decimating the populace. Defend the weak from the scourge of witchcraft and the demonic, the taint of lycanthropy and vampirism. Advance through highly immersive stories of epic scale with multi-layer character development in an on-going quest to drive the darkness back into the hell from which it came.

All of the characters have a dark past with some questionable decisions, and it explores portions of fantasy rarely touched upon these days.  Be on the lookout for Folklore: The Affliction next month on Kickstarter.

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