First Sunset Overdrive weapons pack released, four weapons and a trailer

Sunset Overdrive is barely a month old but you can already hop in and find some new weapons if you purchase the new weapon pack released by Insomniac Games.

The weapons pack contains four weapons, which you can see detailed below. Above is a trailer showing off some of these wild weapons.

·         Plague Bomb – Instantly intoxicate enemies in the area with this weapon. Enemies hit with the Plague Bomb will start vomiting, take damage over time and explode when killed. Plus, enemies affected by the Plague Bomb can spread the disease to others!

·         Rager – Releases a confusion-inducing cloud which causes enemies to attach each other in a fit of rage. And yes, they also explode when killed (sense a bit of a theme here?).

·         Shield Buddy – Activates a shield that protects you and your friends but also deploys bombs that will decimate your foes. No need to choose between offense and defense when you can have both with the Shield Buddy.

·         Multi-Lock Rocket Launcher – The most literal of the weapons included in the pack, the Multi-Lock Rocket Launcher does exactly that and locks on up to eight targets. Release the trigger and send a legion of homing rockets at your enemies.

You can download the new weapon pack now for $4.99 or get it free as a part of the Sunset Overdrive Season Pass.

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